Everlong by Foo Fighters covered by Caden Levi

My Backstory

Caden Levi is a young up and coming musician from Temecula, CA. Caden now 15 released his latest 6 song EP in the summer of 2018. Playing all the instruments himself, he has grown into a studio musician. Caden created music videos for 2 of his songs and won The Hollywood Academia Award for Best Alternative Rock for his video “Friend Please” a song about teen suicide. His other music video “Hey Mr. Sad Face” brings to light bullying and has been view over 4000 times to date on YouTube. Along with a radio campaign in August and Sept It will be in front of the Grammy committee in October.  He also enjoys writing his own music too.

Hollywood Launch is an elite program where he is developing his dance, music and acting skills and making the proper connections with the industry’s top professionals including music and film producers, managers, agents, song writers, directors and much more.  He is  also taking instrument and vocal lessons at Riffs Music with Sal Spinelli and Brennan Kilpatrick.


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Music is my passion

At 9 years old, Caden Levi picked up his first guitar. A natural lefty, he would play his Grandfathers guitar upside-down, and after a trip to a local guitar store he had his first of many guitars to come. With a passion to learn, he grinds away to grasp his style and craft, and only one short year later finds himself in the midst of other young talented artists in the “Rock Band” program at Riff’s Music.

By the age of 10 Caden is playing live for local audiences, for bars, events and open mics. Equipped with a no-fear attitude, he jumps at every available opportunity. Playing live is what he enjoys most. Caden sings and performs weekly, solo acoustic, and with other area musicians. His passion and drive gains him experience and respect from other local talent, and throughout the music community.

At age 11, Caden is now a songwriter. He’s written his first complete song–A heartbreak song entitled “Never.” At 12, he continues to develop. His skill and confidence as a performer grow and he starts to catch the eyes and ears of local industry leaders. He continues his songwriting and with the help of Record Producer Jason Brawner and completes his first 5 song original EP.

2015 is rounded out with winning the Temecula Valley Music Awards for “Best Youth Artist” and was a highlight of the year.

Caden Levi is Uber focused and full of talent!

Tim Moyer – Moyer Entertainment

Caden Levi is going to be a force to be reckoned with as a recording artist.

Mark Bender – School of Rock

Caden Levi is such a naturally gifted musician and songwriter. Totally mind-blowing to see such talent at a young age.

Jonathan George – JG Entertainment


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Caden Levi
Friend Please
Caden Levi Friend Please